Top-5 Messengers with the Ability to Register and Use It Anonymously

None of us wants our messages to be read by others. Especially if these messages decide the fate of the deal and describe your existing business. Unfortunately, ordinary messengers do not encrypt text and have no other means of protecting information, so you need to look for better options. A good way out of this situation is to download and install a secure messenger.


Top-5 Secure Messengers

A few years ago, messengers were provided by only a couple of large companies, but now you can get confused with the variety of such applications. We tried to select the five best messengers with encryption and other privacy tools, thereby making your choice as easy as possible.


As for the corporate solutions, LAN messengers are considered the best. Softros belongs to the list of the most secured messengers for corporate usage. It doesn’t require a server or internet connection. 

LAN Messenger

This is also a free local network chat program. No server or additional network settings are required. It allows you to connect with users and chat on the local network. All messages are encrypted using the AES method. The mailing is carried out individually, by groups, or selectively. File sharing is also supported. The application works under Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


This is a free chat for the local network with the ability to make voice calls. The program does not require a server to run.  It allows you to send files, add emoticons to messages as usual. Moreover, it has a built-in ability to make voice calls in the local network. No installation is required: just unpack the archive and run the program. However, it is intended for the Windows system only.


This is a free chat program for the local network. Key features of QChat are the following: 

  • The program can work without using a server or in server mode;
  • Ability to format messages, change the font and add emoticons;
  • Flexible configuration of user profiles;
  • Support for statuses;
  • The ability to create and configure message filters.

The program does not require installation. It has a multilingual user interface.


If you are looking for a completely anonymous app that will not require any private data, you can check Briar messenger. For security, several types of encryption are used in the service itself, plus additional protection from the Tor network. Accordingly, the application works as long as the network is working. Your data does not go anywhere, the developers do not ask it when registering. Matching between contacts occurs via a QR code.

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