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Everyone's favorite online provider now makes it even easier to communicate, gives you more control and lets you access your messages from wherever you are.It allows users to communicate instantly through text to their "buddies" around the world, provided they have the AOL Instant Mesenger software. AIM has 100 million users, with a large proportion using Internet slang. Advocates claim that it's easy to locate these users by visiting chatrooms that AOL has set up solely for those purposes. Chat topics range from *NSYNC to current affairs. AOL also has a member directory where AIM users can locate others online who share their interests.

AOL instant messenger features:

Features include:

  • Encrypted IM
    Send and receive encrypted instant messages!

  • Send IMs to Mobile Phones
    Sending IMs to mobile phones just got easier.

  • Improved File Transfer and Direct IM
    You have the ability to connect more often to exchange files with your buddies

  • IM Forwarding
    Have Instant Messages delivered to your cell phone, when you're away from your PC!

  • AIM Expressions
    Personalize your AIM with backgrounds!

  • Typing indicator

  • Content panels that deliver news to your Buddy List

  • Live Video IM

AOL Instant mesenger

AOL 9.0's enhanced sign-on interface consists of a customizable Welcome screen with a larger video panel and more video programming for broadband users than in previous versions. There's also an MSN-style QuickView page of personalized daily information services. You can select from six Welcome screen navigation tool sets, such as Nightlife and Great Discoveries, and six corresponding Stories and Features categories. Based on your Welcome screen preferences, a new Quick Start guide to AOL content appears to the left of the Welcome screen to balance the Buddy List window on the right side. Other AOL content you can choose includes local sports events under Fun and Entertainment, local weather under News and Information, and local Yellow Pages under Find it Fast. This redesigned interface, along with the integrated icons for AOL Mail, Radio, Video, and Pictures, brings dynamic, personalized multimedia and communications content to the forefront of AOL. The AOL channel structure has given way to a more appealing system for navigating the Internet's information depths.




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