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Get AOL Instant Mesanger (AIM). It's a way to communicate online, and for free, with your friends, family and co-workers. Aol mesanger AIM lets you create a Buddy List of friends, family, and co-workers - when they sign on you can instanly see that they're online.

AOL instant messenger cool stuff:

Features include:

  • AIM Expressions

  • AOL Buddy icons

  • AIM Remote

  • AOL Instant Mesanger Smiley

  • AIM Bots

  • Content panels that deliver news to your Buddy List

  • Live Video IM

Get in touch with:

  • AOL instant messanger express

  • Chat Rooms

  • Webmail

AOL Instant messager

When you download AOL 9.0 you're instantly connected to the world's largest online community. Now, with AOL 9.0, it's quicker and easier than ever to find people - and we do the work for you!

  • Simple Searching --Type your topic into People Connection Search and we'll show you chats, message boards, home pages, groups and real-time conversations -- all happening right now.
  • Match Chat (TM) -- Join a real-time discussion on one of your hobbies or interests with the new Match Chat feature -- just enter your interests in your Member Directory profile, and AOL will introduce you to other members who share that interest.
  • Take a stand and let the world know what you're all about by voting in online polls and speaking out in message boards. It's your chance to be heard!
  • Open 24/7 -- Find what you want, when you want it. There's always something going on in the AOL Community.



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